Aaron Rogge. (backseat_jesus) wrote,
Aaron Rogge.

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the future,
a series of upcoming pasts
the past - lakes at the bottom of hillsides

it's going to rain in E minor
so god damned hard it smells like sulfur
the fate and transport of a chemical
through the earth's guts
bouncing around in the air like a little ionic feather,
how do i keep track of you
when you outweigh the sun?

i've been taught that activity = concentration = pressure
based on the state of the substance, so

i searched for shasta
breathed clouds in crater lake
urban foraged in portland
watched the whores in seattle
couldn't find the light switch in missoula
said goodbye to the sun in the badlands
met an anaconda in chicago
caught summer in buffalo
cypress south carolina
new old rooms in something like home.

the lizard king is growing a new tail
and he likes to sit up on the handlebars
of a bike that no one rides
and if you were here right now,
you could see how much he likes to eat ants
and i could hold your hand
in the newest past.
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