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welcome to the great illusion of uniqueness
grand central station of the internet
you can spend three billion minutes a day here
find five other people with your name
write your own magazine
try to get laid
experience acute insignificance
or the feeling of being watched
make a morning post on a mourning post
or cancel a great romance
get sick with jealousy
or become aroused in secrecy.

hey, what are you doing tonight?
i used to know you.
how have you been?
i can't fucking believe you.
mavens, sycophants, camwhores
politicians, focus groups, fanatics
teenagers, grown ups, dearly departed
meme processors, boyfriends, brand names
328 pictures appear a second
and none of them feature you.

but please,
add a generalization about yourself
browse others within your generalization
send a message
or maybe just a poke.

behold the indescribable sphere of the affluent
the acropolis of mirrors
st peter's fabled book
the great wall
the socially elaborate census
your steadily shrinking world
the atlas of your life

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