Aaron Rogge. (backseat_jesus) wrote,
Aaron Rogge.

living in yosemite

living in yosemite. most people compare it to a mix of a drunken semester at college, but imagine if your campus was a theme park eerily similar to a foreigner-filled hell, you sleep every night in the equivalent of a phone booth at an airport, and your day job is at a 1980s summer camp. all a short walk away from sheer, unadulterated wilderness.

rent is 15.44 a week. you make 8.45-9.00 an hour minus bitch-ass california taxes. heater, no AC. electricity. community kitchen. community showerhouse/bathroom. community sin den/foosball house/awkward place to be drunk among coworkers. all food (allegedly) has to be stored outside in a metal bear box. nickel returns on bottles. in the 90s everyday temperaturewise. it has not rained in six weeks. i apologize for the non-rotatedness of some images but we don't have the ability to do so on these computers (srsly)

not a whole lot of room inside the tent-cabin- if carmen and I were not together (ie if you just came by yourself) you would have two single beds as opposed to this double. the walls are canvas - people smoke weed and fuck and watch movies and have fights often. not at the same time though.

internet is scarce. bears don't dare come near our tent. at least a half dozen people have died within a couple miles in the past few weeks. millions of other complaints too inconsequential/longwinded to list here. I fill vending machines with candy, soda, ice... and oh yeah, we do the penny smashers too. it is a thoroughly chill job.

on the weekends (thursday and friday... saturday is monday?) we go to places like sonoma county, san francisco, big sur, fresno... m.o. to get out of the valley. nicknames for yosemite valley include: the granite womb, the ditch, land of misfit toys. idiots and geniuses and Chileans and Thais and amputees and climbers and orphans and trustfund kids and dropouts and smokers and pianists and comics and nobodys, we all unite around ice-cold tallboys of king cobra malt liquor priced at a mere 75 cents a can and agree that, dammit, at least we're smarter than the people that crawl out of those air-conditioned tourbuses everyday.
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