Aaron Rogge. (backseat_jesus) wrote,
Aaron Rogge.

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write less when happy

still upside-down and in love with life
winning the gentle everyday battle to breathe and stay warm
write less when happy
love produces too much writing already
poetry forums full of housewives writing about dewdrops-on-roses
and the knickknacks and fetishes of daily ritual
love - the endlessly repeatable process - shut up and enjoy it
adorn it only with the indescribable gift of experience
it turns out all of the stars in the galaxy already have their own names
so beware if someone tries to sell you one-
'he who puts an affordable dollar amount on billions of tonnes of infinitely fusing hydrogen-helium plasma
doesn't understand
what the fuck it is all about'
but hey,
tomorrow morning is still the most important morning
for every one of us.
we're all waking up in the same place
according to the universe.
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